The Creative Process

I love learning about the creative process.  I'll read and listen to almost anything about the creative process in general, or about a particular artist's process.  Lately I've been listening to podcasts about writing and my favorite are the ones who don't talk much about business, but focus on how to write.  It's fascinating to hear the differences between a novelist who writes straight through and takes lots of time to revise, and a comics writer who doesn't have the luxury of many drafts.

The best thing I've learned about the creative process comes from Steal Like an Artist.  

The life of a project:

  • This is the best idea ever!
  • Ok, this is harder than I thought
  • This is gonna take some work
  • This sucks - and it's boring
  • (Dark night of the soul)
  • It will be good enough to finish because I'll learn something for next time
  • It's done and it sucks, but it's not as bad as I thought

(You can see the cute image here)

For me it feels more like a cycle than a line.  I go through the phases over and over.  At one time, the Dark night of the soul would send me into a long depression.  But with experience and observation that I've learned that I'll move on, that it isn't the place I'll stay forever.  I appreciate the people who share their own process so the rest of us know that we aren't alone in this crazy experience of being a creative person.

Some of my current favorite Podcasts:

Writing Excuses

I Should Be Writing

Magic Lessons with Elizabeth Gilbert

Do you experience the Dark Night of the Soul? What's it feel like or look like? How do you get past it?