Sunday Check-In: Turn Feelings Into Action

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Each week, I check in with myself and review what I'm working on, what's exciting me, what I'm struggling with, and what I'm looking forward to in the next week.

I share my Sunday check-ins with the hope that you might do the same.  If you do, please let me know!  Leave a comment here, or if you'd rather, you can always email me at 

Returning to Life After Vacation

Do you struggle to get back into your daily life after a big vacation?  Do you experience the sadness and tiredness of post-vacation depression?  Me, too.  It can be even harder to adjust when you've been on the trip of your dreams, visited family, or traveled someplace you love.  I've been home from Scotland for about a week and a half and I'm still working through the aftermath of coming home.  I've learned that when I have strong feelings of any kind, the best thing for me to do is journal about it and turn it into action.



Feeling sad or even depressed after vacation is perfectly normal.  Returning back to the routines of daily life and responsibilities is no fun at all.  If your travel involved a flight, jet lag is yet another aspect of your return to recover from.  But if you're really struggling, there could be more to it than that.  I always knew it would be hard to return from Scotland because I want so badly to live there permanently.  Knowing it doesn't make me feel better, but it does help me understand the difficulty I had engaging with my job or feeling comfortable in my apartment.  It also helped me move to the next step, which is to turn those feelings into action.  If you don't know, try writing in a journal or talking to someone to explore the feeling behind the sadness. 


Now that houyou know why you're feeling your feelings, it's time to do something about them.  When it comes to travel, we sometimes fall prey to the idea that we should just accept that it's time to move on to real life.  Not true!  Of course, most of us can't just abandon our day job and loved ones to get back on the road.  But I've found that even the simple step of making a plan can be enough to give me something else to look forward to and work towards.

Let's say that you're feeling down after your vacation because you walked every day and it felt great.  You're feeling depressed about sitting in your office for 8 or more hours a day.  Find a way to get more movement into your days.   I know in that example it sounds simple and I definitely know that you're probably thinking of reasons why you can't make these changes. They're the same obstacles that were in your way before vacation and they haven't gone anywhere.  Maybe you're thinking too big.  Try a short walk through the office every hour, or find a 10 minute walk at lunch.  Not every experience is going to be like trekking uphill to Edinburgh Castle, and you know what? It shouldn't be! That's what makes vacations so special.  Don't deny yourself the small, daily pleasures because they don't measure up to the extraordinary ones.

In the coming months, I'll be talking a lot on this blog about what how I turned my post-vacation depression into action by deciding to apply for university in Scotland.  If you need a little encouragement, or want to follow my journey, sign up for my mailing list here. As a thank you, you'll get a free checklist to help you create the unique vacation planning tool, the Vacation Dream Book.

It's Your Turn!

Did a travel experience leave you feeling down when you got home? Is there something you still miss from one of your vacations?  Identify the reason for your feeling and tell me how you're going to turn it into action today!   Comment below or share on Instagram with the hashtag #curiousjournals or #sundaycheckin