A New Approach To Travel [Part 1]

I recently had an epiphany.  I've had all these ideas swimming around in my thoughts for a long time about how to share my approach to travel and vacations with others.  I know that what I've learned over the years can help others, especially creative types who hate planning and logistics.  The other night, it finally came to me: my approach is holistic.

holistic 1.png

Now I'm on a mission to encourage creative travelers to think of travel holistically. Just like holistic medicine addresses the whole person, a holistic approach to travel considers the entire experience and its impact on you, the traveler. This is especially important for us creatives who want more out of our experiences than following an itinerary.

Holistic travel considers the entire travel experience: from planning, to traveling, to memory-keeping.  In future posts, I'll be going over exactly what this means and how it can save you time and money, AND it will make you feel better.

Holistic travel also considers the whole traveler.  You approach travel as it feeds you creatively, financially, spiritually, socially... all the areas of life that you value.

Maybe this sounds too good to be true. But that's just because it's worked so well for me and I'm SO excited to share it with others.  It isn't a quick fix, or a set of worksheets to fill out. It's a new way of thinking about travel that will help you journey into yourself as well as out into the world.

In the upcoming series of posts I'll be talking in more detail about what this means and how it can change how you plan, experience, and remember your travels.  I'm also developing a guide to creating a Vacation Dream Book, a DIY planner, guide book, and memory book that will help you approach all of your future travels holistically.

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